Jessica Park – Restless Waters (Left Drowning #2)


From New York Times bestselling author Jessica Park comes the long-anticipated sequel to Left Drowning.

A storm is coming, and with storms come restless waters.

Pulled from the depths of catastrophe and depression, Blythe McGuire has learned to escape from her past while embracing the future. A future now entwined with the Shepherd siblings.

With Chris, she shares a staggering romance that kicks heartbreak’s ass.

With Sabin, she shares an intense friendship, one that’s becoming more complicated than either had expected. A friendship now being put to the test because Sabin’s brutal past still haunts him. Because trauma is the gift that keeps on giving without mercy.

Now Sabin is the one left drowning and struggling to breathe, and his turmoil threatens to send all three into dark currents they cannot escape. Even after going through her own hell, saving Sabin will take much more than Blythe had anticipated. Their connection and their love could help, but getting him to reach for her hand could be Blythe’s biggest challenge ever.

Published August 26th 2015 by Flat Finn, Inc.

A Left Drowning-ról írt értékelésem itt olvasható.

Véleményem a könyvről

Na jó, ismét bajban vagyok a csillagozással (köszi újfent, Ms. Jessica Park :)), mert jó volt a könyv. Egy nap alatt kiolvastam, mert az írónő stílusa továbbra is magával ragadó, a szereplőket továbbra is imádom, de miután az utolsó oldalra értem azt éreztem, hogy ez a rész teljes mértékben felesleges volt. A történet nem lendült előre semmit, nem igazán láttam karakterfejlődést sem, és ismét voltak a könyvben olyan események, amitől a plafonon találtam magam.

Azt hittem ez a kötet Sabinról fog szólni, hogy hogyan találja meg ő is a szerelmet, vagy hogy az ő élete hogyan ment tovább. Végül is róla is szólt, de Blythe szemszögéből, így az övé is volt ez a könyv, meg nem is. Talán azért is haragszom egy picit erre a könyvre, mert eddig Sabin volt a kedvenc karakterem a humoros, harsány, karizmatikus egyéniségével, de most csak egy megkeseredett, szomorú szereplőt csinált belőle az írónő. Ebben a kötetben azt láthattuk meg, hogy a múltbéli események őt hogyan tették tönkre, és milyen hatásai vannak ránézve. (Egyébként az utóhatások szempontjából még mindig rendkívüli módon hitelesnek tartom az írónő által leírtakat.)

A fejezetcímekben található dalszövegek nagyon ötletes megoldások voltak és imádtam őket, illetve azokat is amelyeket Sabin írt! És nagyon aranyos volt a „Bingo” is, (bár teljes mértékben hihetetlen :D).

Összességében tetszett, de nekem nagyon hiányzott a végéről egy epilógus, hiszen ha már 260 oldalon keresztül nem lendültünk előre a történetben, legalább az utolsó 5 oldalon történhetett volna egy lépés a jövő felé. Így sajnos nagyon lezáratlannak éreztem a könyvet.

You can read my review of Left Drowning, here.

My Review in English

Okay I’m in trouble again with the rating (Thanks again Ms. Jessica Park. :)), because it was good! I finished this book in one day, because the writing style is still captivating and I still love the characters so much, but when I reached the last page, I just realized that this book was a little unnecessary. The story hadn’t gone anywhere, I didn’t saw any character development, and there were parts of the book where I found myself on the rooftop again.

I thought that this book will be about Sabin. Maybe how he will find love or how will his life continue after the first book. And yes it was about him, but from Blythe’s POV, so this book belonged and not belonged to Sabin at the same time. I’m a little angry with this book, maybe because until this Sabin was my favorite character with his sense of humor, his loud, bright and charismatic personality, but now he became just a bitter, sad, lonely boy. In this book we could see that how the past broke him and affected him (By the way I still think that the after effects written down by the author are truly authentic and believable).

I liked the lyrics in the chapter titles so much, and also the ones that Sabin wrote. I liked the „Bingo”, too, it was so adorable! (It is pretty unbelievable, but I truly liked it. :D).

Overall, I liked this book, but I really missed an epilogue, because I think if we didn’t go ahead in the story on 260 pages, than at least we could get a glimpse of the future on the last five pages. I think this way this story was so unfinished.

My Favorite Quotes From the Book

“Our boy taught himself how to float, didn’t he?” I say. “You can’t drown when you know how to float.”

“Healing doesn’t mean that the past doesn’t exist. It means that we allow it, that we accept it, and that we continue to move on.”

“Blythe! Blythe! I found permanent and bedbug-free housing!” he shouts with somewhat alarming glee. “It is not in a pineapple under the sea for the simple reason that I am not SpongeBob. Thus, the pineapple-under-the-sea housing board fucking denied my application. Fucking bastards! However, I found something better. You ready for it, B? I live in a tree house! Like a goddamn cookie-baking fucking elf! Call me back!”
I look at Chris with disbelief. “Did he really say that he lives in a tree house?”
Chris grins. “Where else would Sabin live?”

“I manage to smile again. “Play me a song.”
“Whatever you like, my fairest princess of duchesses of the queendom.”
“That doesn’t make any sense.”
He raises an eyebrow. “Have we met?”

“When I kiss him, I think of what I thought the first time we kissed. He tastes like eternity and healing and completion.
Because of this, I cannot imagine ever kissing anyone else.”

“Sometimes, I feel like…fuck, I don’t know.”
But I do know. I have been there.
“Like you were left drowning.”
“And you’re struggling to breathe.”
“So, do it. Breathe. Just breathe.”
“There’s no air, Blythe.”
“Reach for me. I won’t let you drown. I’m right here.” He rubs my back some more and then laughs lightly.
“You’re already taken.”
“I have two hands, Sabin. Grab one.” He thinks for a while, and I feel him take hold of his own hands to fully encircle me in his embrace. “I’m trying, love. I’m trying.”

4- Bingo- Stars

4 stars



About the Author

Jessica is the author of CLEAR, LEFT Jessica ParkDROWNING, the New York Times bestselling FLAT-OUT LOVE, the companion novella FLAT-OUT MATT, FLAT-OUT CELESTE, and RELATIVELY FAMOUS. She lives in New Hampshire where she spends an obscene amount time thinking about rocker boys and their guitars, complex caffeinated beverages, and tropical vacations. On the rare occasions that she is able to focus on other things, she writes.

Please visit her at and on Facebook at and Twitter @JessicaPark24

Left Drowing series

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