Zene a könyvben – Music in the Book #10

A hétvégén egy nagyon-nagyon jó könyvhözcovers_337373 volt szerencsém. Alig tudtam letenni! Izgalmas volt, megnevettetett és könnyet csalt a szemembe. Ez Julie Johnson Say The Word című könyve volt, az egyetlen amit korábban nem olvastam tőle, és amellyel újabb Julie Johnson kedvencet avattam! 🙂 A dal amit hoztam egy klasszikus Journey szám. Azt hiszem ezt is nagyon sokan ismerik (Glee rajongók előnyben :)), és maga a jelenet is nagyon szép és szívbemarkoló volt. Még ezen a héten hozom az értékelésemet a könyvről. 🙂


Last weekend I read a really-really covers_337373great book. It kept my heart racing and I could not put it down! It was thrilling, it made me laugh, and it brought tears in my eyes. This book was Say The Word by Julie Johnson. This was the last book of hers that I haven’t read before and it became my newest favourite from her. The song I brought is a classic song by Journey. I think lots of you know this song (especially the Glee fans :)), and the scene is really beautiful and heart-wrenching.I will bring my review of the book in this week. 🙂


“It was late March now, and the early blooming trees had just begun to open their petals. They were beautiful, to be sure, but they couldn’t hold my attention. My eyes were trained on my brother’s face, which bore an expression of sheer, unadulterated joy as we barreled down the road, red dirt flying up in a cloud behind our tires, the radio cranked high to a classic Journey song, and the magnolia blossoms turning to a smeared pink tunnel as we pushed past sixty miles per hour.

Seeing that look on Jamie’s face again was worth any amount of time spent with Loretta’s twins.

“You okay?” I yelled at Jamie.

He nodded without looking at me, his grin never faltering. “Faster!” he yelled back over the strains of Don’t Stop Believin’ that were pounding from the truck’s speakers. I passed along his orders to Bash, and watched as the speedometer needle topped seventy.

“Faster!” Jamie yelled again.


I heard Sebastian whoop in exhilaration as we went even faster, pushing the truck to dangerous speeds. He hadn’t been kidding — we were definitely flying, now. The wind roared in my ears and my hair streamed back in a blonde ribbon as we whipped down the roadway. I felt my stomach flip and held on tighter to the straps.

“I thought you promised me some speed!” Jamie yelled at the sky, his words immediately swallowed up by the wind as we hurled along.

“I don’t think this rust bucket will go much faster,” I screamed into the air tunnel whooshing between us. “Bash borrowed it from his gardener!” I tried to laugh, but the sound was swept away as soon as it left my mouth. Jamie’s grin widened but he didn’t respond. His eyes drifted closed and he lifted his arms straight up above his head in a gesture I could only describe as one of pure, unabashed victory. My breath caught as I looked at him.

There, in that pink-smeared, dusty, wind-swept moment, he wasn’t a cancer patient or a sob story whispered about at the town-wide pancake breakfast on Sunday mornings. He was just seventeen again — alive and invincible, untouched by illness or worries about whether he’d live long enough to attend his prom.

There, in that perfect, solitary sliver of time, with his hands fisted in the sky in defiance at the cruel twists fate so often seemed to take, Jamie was flying. Life held a million limitless possibilities.

And he was free.

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