Zene a könyvben – Music in the Book #9

Még soha nem volt ilyen covers_270195érzelmekkel teli dalválasztásom. Konkrétan itt ülök a könnyeimben úszva, ugyanis egy olyan könyvből hoztam az idézetemet, amelynek csupán a részleteit újraolvasva eltört nálam a mécses. Hihetetlenül gyönyörű könyvről van szó, amely nem más, mint Lisa De Jong: When It Rains című regénye. Több gyönyörű zenéhez kapcsolódó idézetet is találtam a könyvben, amely között ott volt egy The Calling szám, Jeff Buckley: Hallelujah című száma és a Lifehouse: Everything is, amelyeket biztos vagyok benne, hogy majdnem mindenki ismer, én ezúttal mégis egy olyan részletet választottam, amely egy kevésbé ismert gyönyörű dalt mutat be, amely nem más, mint a Cross That Line Joshua Radin –tól. Ez jelenet az egyik kedvencem a kötetből. Csodálatos és érzelmekkel teli volt ez a könyv és örömmel láttam, hogy ha minden igaz a Könyvmolyképző Kiadó megvette a jogait. Azt hiszem a hétvégén erről a kötetről is hozok majd egy bejegyzést, amely reményeim szerint kedvet csinál majd ahhoz, hogy minél többen a kezükbe fogják ezt a gyönyörű könyvet.


I have never had such an emotional song choice like this one. covers_270195Right now I just sit here, streams of tears flowing from my eyes, because I chose my quote from a book, which broke my heart again just with reading some parts of it. This so beautiful and heartbreaking book is When It Rains by Lisa De Jong. There are so many amazing songs in this book like a song by The Calling, Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley and Everything by Lifehouse. I think almost everybody knows these songs but I still chose another maybe less known song Cross That Line by Joshua Radin. This was my favourite scene of the book. This book was pure beauty and a true emotional rollercoaster.  I loved it so much, so I think this week I will post my review of this book, too.


“He slowly stands, reaching out for my hand. “Kate, may I have this dance?”
I place my hand in his, and he leads me back into his bedroom, stopping to turn on his iPod. I take several cleansing breaths, trying to calm the nervous energy that’s flowing through my body.
Cross That Line by Joshua Radin starts to play as Asher spins around to face me. He has a soft expression on his face when he reaches his hand to touch my face and skims his thumb over my cheekbone. I tilt my head to kiss the palm of his hand, then close my eyes and lose myself in the soft feel of his fingertips as they lightly skim my jawline. When he wraps his arms around my lower back, it feels like the most natural thing in the world as we sway back and forth. I follow his lead and wrap my arms around his neck, resting my cheek against his chest.

My body is completely in tune to Asher’s as I listen to the beautiful lyrics sink into my soul. This has to be one of the single most memorable moments of my life. It’s serene. It’s as if we’re the only two people on the planet and nothing can hurt us. It’s like the whole world is spinning in slow motion.
When I was a little girl, I believed in fairy tales and one of the dreams I had was someday dancing alongside my prince. Asher’s that guy for me. He’s my dream and my wish come true. He’s my prince.
“I love this song.”
“It’s one of my favorites,” he admits, tightening his grip on me a little more.
The song switches to
18th Floor Balcony by Blue October, and I lift my head to look in his eyes.
There’s so much sadness, adoration and pain within them. I want to kiss it all away, (…)
“What are you thinking right now?” I ask.
He cups my face in his hands. “That I wish we could freeze time and stay in this moment forever.
“I was thinking that this is the best first dance I’ve ever had.”

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