Zene a könyvben – Music in the Book #4

Ava Dellaira: Love Letters to the Dead

When we got in his truck, Sky turned on the stereo, and covers_293252“About a Girl” came on. It was the beginning of your MTV Unplugged album. A little part of me thought that maybe Sky had planned that on purpose, because he knows that we both love you. Maybe he cared that much. We sat there in silence for a moment, listening to the song. I wanted to think of something to say out loud. Finally I said, “It’s like part of what’s so great is he’s not afraid of his voice.”

“You mean Kurt?”
Sky turned to look at me, his eyes amused. “Are you?”
“Afraid of my voice?” I laughed, nervous. “Yeah, I guess.”
Then Sky tilted his head to the side a little and got more serious. “I think we all are. With Kurt, it’s more like he just faces the fear, you know?”
“Yeah,” I said. “You’re right.”
“I think that’s why he’s so loud. I mean, he has to be. Because he’s staring the monster in the face, and the only thing to do is fight back.”
“Do you think,” I asked, “do you think he won?”

“The obvious answer is no, ’cause he died. But I think he did in a way. I mean, listen.” Sky turned up the stereo. “We have this now. And we’ll always have it.”


Ava Dellaira: Kedves halottak!

Megjelent a Ciceró Könyvstúdió gondozásában, 2015-ben

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