Zene a könyvben – Music in the Book #13

Ezen a héten egyik 17443673kedvenc írónőm, Amy Harmon egyik csodálatos könyvéből hoztam nektek egy részletet. A Different Blue egy gyönyörű, lassan épülő, nagyon egyedülálló és különleges történet, amely New York Times Bestseller lett, és ez az írónő egyetlen könyve, amely idáig nem került fel a blogomra. Ezt a hiányosságot sürgősen pótolnom kell, így a jövő hét folyamán el is fogom hozni nektek ezt a gyönyörű történetet. Az idézetben található dal nagy kedvencem Bob Dylantől, de mivel az Adele feldolgozást is imádom (még az esküvői videónk alá is beraktam), így azt is meghallgathatjátok. 🙂


This week I chose a truly beautiful 17443673book from one of my favorite authors, Amy Harmon. A Different Blue is a beautiful, slow-building, unique and special story and it became a New York Times Bestseller. This is the only book from her that is not on my blog yet. I really-really need to make up for this deficiency, so next week I will bring my review about this stunning story. The song in the quote is one of my favorite songs by Bob Dylan but I really love the Adele version, too (I also put it under our wedding video. :)), so you can listen that version, too. 🙂


“It was the music,” I whispered, hoping to keep him close, just for a minute more. (…)
Wilson looked up at me, and our faces were so close it would have been so easy to lean into him.
So easy . . . and completely impossible. He looked surprised by my nearness and immediately pulled away.
“That was the song?” A smile lit his face.
“Yes. What was it?” I asked
Bob Dylan.”
“What?!” I wailed. “I thought it was going to be Beethoven or something. Now I know I’m white trash.”
Wilson bopped me on the head with his bow. “It’s called ‘Make You Feel my Love.’ It’s one of my favorite songs. I embellish it a bit, but it’s all Dylan, definitely not Mozart. The lyrics are brilliant.
Listen.” Wilson sang softly as he played. His voice was as rich as the moaning cello .
“Of course,” I said sourly.
“What?” Wilson stopped, startled.
“You can sing. You have a beautiful voice. I can’t even pretend that you suck. Why can’t you suck at something? It’s so unfair.”
“You clearly haven’t seen me try to carve something intricate and beautiful out of a tree stump,” Wilson said dryly, and started playing again. I resumed listening, but the music made my fingers itch to carve.
“If you would practice in the basement every night, I could listen to you while I carve. Then, I would make sculptures that looked like your music sounds. We could make millions together. You would be my muse, Wilson. Can men be muses?”
Wilson smiled, but his eyes again wore that unfocused look, as if his power to see was absorbed by his need to hear. I closed my eyes too, letting myself drift away in a sea of sound. I awoke hours later to silence. My apple green throw was tucked around me, and Wilson and his magic cello were gone.”

Make You Feel My Love – Adele cover



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