Julie Johnson – Erasing Faith

Most, hogy augusztus 20. alkalmából kint jártunk a Várnál eszembe jutott ez a könyv. Hogy Julie Johnson hogyan látta a Lánchidat, a Várat, a Siklót, a Hősök terét és gondoltam e jeles nap alkalmából elhozom nektek is ezt a nagyon izgalmas könyvet, amit egyszerűen alig tudtam letenni.

The 20th of August is the greatest national holiday in Hungary, when we celebrate the foundation of the country more than 1000 years ago. On this occasion I bring a really exciting book by Julie Johnson who choose Budapest for the setting of her story.


A fairytale city. A forbidden love. A fate doomed from the start.

Faith Morrissey is overdue for an adventure. After twenty years in the same small town, she sets out on a year-long study abroad trip, fully expecting to fall in love with the wonders of Budapest. She certainlydoesn’t expect to fall for Wes, the mysterious stranger who sweeps her off her feet mere days after her arrival. It seems almost too good to be true…

Probably because it’s all a lie.

Weston Abbott is a ghost. In service to his country, he’s done unspeakable things – the kind of things that make settling down or falling in love out of the question. That’s never been a problem… until he meets Faith. No matter how many times Wes tells himself she’s just a mark, he can’t deny she rattles his composure like no one else. And he can’t seem to shake the forbidden feelings that stir to life whenever he’s with her.

Wes knows better than anyone: the line separating fact from fiction is almost as fine as the one between love and hate. And, if the truth comes out, it may erase their love along with all the lies…

ERASING FAITH is a full-length standalone second-chance romance, with a healthy dose of steam and suspense mixed in for good measure. Told in dual POV, it contains mature themes and strong language… and thus is intended for readers ages 17 and up.


Véleményem a könyvről

Budapest. Mikor először megláttam, , mondom okéé.. (!?) akkor lássuk mi lesz ebből. Igen Julie Johnson a Like Gravity szerzője Párizs, London, Amszterdam vagy egyéb fancy európai város közül komolyan Budapestet választotta könyvének helyszínéül.

A történet során Faith Morrissey ki akar szakadni az életéből amiben kicsit szürkének érzi magát az öt testvére árnyékában, ezért úgy dönt egy évre külföldön szeretne cserediákként tanulni. Így kerül Budapestre a Corvintas Egyetemre (Corvinus ?). A Hősök terén a véletlen összehozza egy rejtélyes, szintén amerikai, szívdöglesztő sráccal, Wes Adams-el. Bizonyos időközönként egymásba botlanak Budapest különböző helyszínein, de mégsem cserélnek telefonszámot, mindig a sorsra bízzák a találkozást. Nem akarom lelőni a poént, így nem mondom el Wes titkát, de annyit elárulhatok, hogy azok a bizonyos véletlenek, annyira nem is azok.. 🙂 Wes szála miatt hitetlenül izgalmas és fordulatos a történet. Benne van minden ami egy jó könyvhöz kell: jól eltalált karakterek, akció, fordulatok, romantika, dögös pasi, egy kis humor és egy magyar bűnszövetkezet.

Komolyan volt, hogy lélegzetvisszafojtva lapoztam a könyvet, hogy mi a fene fog kisülni ebből. Ismét rá kellett döbbennem, hogy Julie Johnson hihetetlenül tehetségesen ír. Egyedi a könyv felépítése is és maga az írásmód is. Nehéz ezt így elmagyarázni, de aki kézbe veszi a könyvet, úgyis rájön majd miről beszélek.. 🙂

Érdekes volt arról olvasni, hogy egy külföldi hogy látja ezt a várost. Nagyon sok helyszín sőt Urban legend szerepelt a könyvben és egyébként egész Budapestet úgy írja le mintha valami fairyland lenne.. 🙂 De pl. jó volt magyar szavakat, (magyar mondatokat!), magyar városokat (Gyula és Tokaj) és magyar neveket olvasni egy amerikai könyvben, és vicces volt ahogy elmagyarázza pl. mi is az a Ruin Club. 🙂

Összességében határozottan 5 csillagos könyv!


My Review in English

Budapest. When I saw it the first time (and after I recovered from the shock :)), I thought oookay let’s see what will turn out from this. Yes! Julie Johnson, the author of Like Gravity (which is one of my favorite books) seriously choose Budapest for the setting of her book, instead of Paris, London, Amsterdam or other fancy cities of Europe. My heart was so happy about it, because this is the capital of my country, and this is where I live recently.

The story is about Faith Morrissey who wants to leave behind her average life for a while. She has five siblings, so she hasn’t got much attention at home and she decides that she wants to study abroad for a year. She chooses Hungary and she attends to Corvintas University of Budapest. At Heroes’ Square – by faiths hands – she meets Wes Adams, who is a mysterious, really hot American guy.  Occasionally they come across witch each other at different places of Budapest, but they don’t change phone numbers, they just trust in faith. I don’t want to do spoilers so I won’t tell Wes’s secret, but I just tell that these coincidences are not exactly what they seem. 🙂 Because of Wes’s story this is a really gripping book! It has everything what a good book needs:  great characters, action, twist and turns, romance, a really hot guy ;), a little humor and a criminal organization.

Sometimes I seriously held my breath, because I didn’t know what will happen on the next page or a page after that. I had to realize again that Julie Johnson is a highly talented author. This book has a really unique structure and writing style. I was pleased that I could read about Budapest from a point of view of an American. Julie Johnson wrote about Budapest like it was some kind of fairyland and I was really glad about that. 🙂 I really liked that she used Hungarian words and sentences and she showed the readers a lot of sightseeing of Budapest and also of Hungary. I truly hope that more and more tourist will come to our country and see Budapest and the other parts of Hungary, and I really hope that they will like it as much as her. 🙂


My Favorite Quotes From the Book

„Certain people were simply meant to cross your path — to reach into your chest and leave an irreversible handprint on your heart, on your very soul.”

 “We hit like opposing air fronts. Clashed like hot and cold. Two total contradictions – a high-pressure system and its low-pressure polar opposite – converged and created a massive atmospheric disturbance. A lighting strike.”

„When it came to loving Wes,pleasure and pain were always wrapped up in one.We hurt each other;we healed each other.Screamed and seduced,built and broke each other.It wasn’t a normal kind of love. It was unsafe.Undeniable.Unhealthy.Unforgettable. It was a contradiction.”

“I’m not your prince, Red. The dark knight, maybe. But don’t confuse me for the valiant hero.”

 „Being heartbroken doesn’t mean you stop feeling. Just the opposite — it means you feel it all more.
With your heart in fragments, every sensation is sharper, every emotion more acute. Your feelings are enhanced, like a blind man with an impeccable sense of smell, or a deaf woman whose eyes can perceive things a normal person would never recognize.
The brokenhearted are the best empaths of all.”

5 -Beleive in Faith- Stars

5 stars



About the Author

JULIE JOHNSON is a twenty-something Boston native suffering from an extreme case of Peter Pan Syndrome and an obsession with fictional characters. When she’s not writing, Julie can most often be found daydreaming, drinking too much coffee, striving to conquer her Netflix queue, or stalking Goodreads for new books to add to her ever-growing TBR list.

She published her debut novel LIKE GRAVITY in August 2013, just before her senior year of college, and she’s never looked back. Since, she has published three more novels: SAY THE WORD, ERASING FAITH, and NOT YOU IT’S ME. Her books have appeared on Kindle and iTunes Bestseller lists around the world.

You can find Julie on Facebook or contact her on her websitehttp://www.juliejohnsonbooks.com. Sometimes, when she can figure out how Twitter works, she tweets from @AuthorJulie. For major book news and updates, subscribe to Julie’s newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bnWtHH

Erasing Faith Playlist by Julie Johnson

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2. Animals by Maroon 5
3. Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey
4. Demons by Imagine Dragons
5. I Knew You Were Trouble. by Taylor Swift
6. Million Dollar Man by Lana Del Rey7.
7. Arms by Christina Perri
8. All You Never Say by Birdy
9. Distance by Christina Perri
10. Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift
11. The Lonely by Christina Perri
12. Just A Game by Birdy
13. Titanium by Madilyn Bailey
14. Sway by The Perishers
15. Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine